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Hello from us : )😃

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Hi there we at the Oilberry are excited to have this new website to share all our products with you. 😊

We will be adding to our range all the time and will keep you constantly updated as we go.. We are happy to help and advise you if you have queries about our products or if you have questions about aromatherapy and essential oils. If you have a particular ailment you wish to try and help we can help with advise and make an IP (individual Prescription) after a consultation (inquire for a price) for you if you so desire. please don't hesitate to ask us. We will be running info evenings as we go along so you can come along and listen to some information and advise on aromatherapy and essential oils, and get some easy ideas for you to try yourself. Thanks for reading we are looking forward to getting to know you all.

Why choose a natural product?

I asked myself this from the other way around..... why choose a product with chemicals and additives in that are really harmful?

I have researched lots of the chemicals that are put in the everyday items we used and quite frankly its scary reading. So we decided that we could make alternatives products that still did the job but didn't have those nasties in. Most skin products are absorbed through our skin and I didn't want to be a walking chemical plant so .... all of our skin products are safe to be applied to your skin and actually nourish and protect your skin. So why choose a natural product? because your care about what you put on your skin and thus into your body 😍

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