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Lava Bracelets

Lava stone for all your essential oils. Why lava stone? Lava comes from the earth and therefore has a grounding effect and connects with your root chakra. Lava is a porous stone so when you apply your essential oils they absorb into the stone and disperse gradually through the day, giving you the peaceful essential oil scents.

Wear your bracelet and use your favourite essential oil for your spiritual and healing needs. Bring the balance you need into your life with these beautiful bracelets….let the scents of your oils uplift and invigorate you and everyone you meet.

Our beautiful lava stones come from Hawaiian lava rock. We have several designs of bracelets for you to choose from.

We are always happy to help with a particular oil blend if there is something you would like to try or have help with and would like to add an oil to your purchase.

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