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Travelling and staying happy.

For the last 2 months we have been travelling and staying overseas 🛫 This brings lots of stress and issues that arise from being away from home. Our products came everywhere with us. We have stuff for staying calm and stuff for easing aches and pains. Products for protection in the sun and products to keep off the biting bugs. We have products for keeping our skin hydrated and soft. We also have our go to oils for all the stresses that go with the fact that you are away from home and normality. It also helps create a safe familiar environment to stay focussed and calm.

Our products travelled really well in different environments and conditions, something we had been keen to check out. It’s always important to us that we can test our products for all eventualities so that we tell you with confidence that we know something works or will be good with the conditions it’s put in.

We could confidently check the viability of the sun block 🌞 in different European temps and it came out winning. It needs reapplying regularly but then so does any sunblock....it protected us from the uv rays and it was pleasant on our skin. I would be happy to recommend it anywhere because I’ve tried it out on myself and my family.

The oils in our spray bottles have been amazing. The lavender and chamomile 🌾🌿 has helped with all the constant changing of place and situations. A few sprays on the pillow every night helped with a restful sleep and not only made it smell so nice it also gave it a fresh clean aroma. The tea tree and Peppermint 🍃 was also amazing. Refreshing on the skin and added a bit of a cooling zing on the very hot days ( and nights) when we needed it. It also worked as a safe boost of antibacterial cleaning!!

The hemp cream was amazing! It moisturises and heals. It kept our skin in great condition and healed any abrasions that cropped up.

Our diffuser jewellery was brilliant to be able to have the oils whenever and wherever we went. This was particularly useful in situations that required calm clear heads and really worked when outside the comfort zone of familiarity.

Our lip balms kept our lips moist fresh and protected.

Its been an amazing experience travelling 🧳 we will be heading home soon and can’t wait to be able to show you some new products that we have tried and tested!!

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