Wood Room Diffuser 550ml
  • Wood Room Diffuser 550ml


    Our elegant wood diffusers. We have 4 sizes 300, 500, 550ml and 60ml and two different colours dark wood and light wood. This is our beatuiful 550ml diffuser. They all have coloured lights.

    These are amazing and the easiest ways to get the full benefits of essential oils. Whether you need some help relaxing or concentrating,  or relieving the congestion of a cold or and headache, these amazing diffusers will help. They are safe and easy to use. Sit back and unwind and absorb the power of the oils.

    SKU: 550DIFF

      Fill your diffuser up with cold tap water to the fill line add your essential oils 1-3 drops will do. Set your diffuser to your desired time 1, 3, 6 hours or continuous. choose whether to have the 7 lights show on, one colour or no colour at all. The diffuser will turn off when the water runs out if its on continuous or it will stop after the time limit. 


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